About Me

Sam, 23, music enthusiast.

I created this blog because I love to write and I love music; I know it’s a cliché but I really do like ‘a bit of everything’. For the purposes of consistency though, I’ll try and keep this blog based on rock and it’s cousin genres. That said, I’d happily put both Metallica and Lorde in my top ten artists ever so who knows what I’ll write about.

I’ve called this blog Offbeat because I don’t have all that much time to write, so I can only upload every so often, but hopefully the blog won’t live up to its name and I’ll upload several times a week.

I studied Journalism at Masters level and Audio Production at Bachelors, so – on paper at least – I can write about music…

Until quite recently I’ve played in amateur rock bands but for whatever reason began to feel jaded with playing guitar and bass, so this is my attempt to channel motivation and passion for music into something else.

I listen to music through Spotify but I also collect my very favourite albums on vinyl.

I live very happily with my girlfriend Kristen and when not writing or working (at an engineering PR firm, which is about as interesting as it sounds) I like to play video games, watch films and eat my body weight in snacks.