Honeyblood: The Third Degree – Track Review

Catchy, raw and dynamic, Honeyblood’s new single follows on from where they left off.

I’ve been aware of Honeyblood since I saw them support Biffy Clyro at a gig at New Year a few years ago, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. The combination of punk energy, pop choruses and the fact that they were a noisy two-piece endeared them to me before they’d even left the stage. Several years on, Honeyblood have had two albums and have just released The Third Degree, the first single from their new album, In Plain Sight, which releases on May 24.

Old but new

While this keeps some of Honeyblood’s salient stylistics; the subject of the lyrics, the simple structure and the major chord patterns, the actual texture is quite different. Gone are the spaced, reverb-laden guitars of the self-titled debut, and the jagged riffs and chords of Babes Never Die. This space has been filled by vocal dominance and more heavily distorted guitars that span into the lower frequency ranges using new effects. This guitar sound is fresh for Honeyblood, and changes the overall sound. In filling the bassier side of the guitar’s range, helped no doubt by some effects, The Third Degree sounds huge compared their older tracks, especially good if – like me – you like bass-driven music. As a slight repercussion, the track lacks some presence higher up that would normally be gleaned from the top notes of a chord, but the minimal instrumentation achieves an impressively full sound nonetheless.

Still got it

The Third Degree has a snappy chorus and bullish verses, wrapped in scornful lyrics in a powerful and catchy garage-pop package. Even with a new sound, the fundamental elements of what makes Honeyblood so likeable are still fully intact. The updated production style and guitar effects are hopefully a measure of how rest of the album will be; new sound, old style. 

Verdict: B

Listen here:


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