Blast From The Past: Green Day’s Dookie turns 25

Before pop-punk was a thing, there was Green Day’s pre-American Idiot era, which peaked with 1994’s DOOKIE.

Combining teenage angst with themes of boredom and social alienation, Green Day’s best-selling album redefined what punk is; fast, angry and catchy, and engendering the genre of pop-punk along the way.

Dookie combines raw and stripped-back tracks with clean and polished production, bringing the genre to the mainstream and five hit singles; Longview, When I Come Around, She, Welcome to Paradise and the timeless Basket Case – all of which made it into music charts in both the US and the UK. Dookie made almost as much of a splash over here as it did in Green Day’s homeland and is one of the first albums I can remember listening to obsessively, despite the fact that it was released a year before I was born.

The Californian band’s third album threw them into the public eye and earned Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool a Grammy for Best Alternative Album in 1995. Dookie has influenced rock music for the last 25 years and will continue to do so, such is the utter genius of this record.

“Punk turns into pop in fast, funny, catchy, high-powered songs about whining and channel-surfing; apathy has rarely sounded so passionate.”

– John Pareles, New York Times, 1995.

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